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About the Artist

 Living in in Aptos, CA is a dream come true.  I have always loved the ocean both from the view of a Biologist and as an Artist.  I have my B.S, in Marine Biology from San Jose State University and studied at Moss Landing Marine Labs just 15 miles down the coast from where I live now.  I have spent most of my career years as a scientist and project manager in the biotechnology industry.  Along the way I have had several small businesses, my first one as a watercolor artist.  I attended Santa Clara University and received my MBA and put much of my art endeavors on hold and used that energy to raise my two children.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a fused glass class...and fell in love with this art form. 


 I have had a love affair with glass most of my life.  I love the way it sparkles and feels and the vibrancy of the colors.  I create most of my fused glass art pieces in my home studio. I am especially fond of working with dichroic glass and luminescent glass. Dichroic glass is glass which displays different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions. Dichroic glass has micro-layers of metals or oxides which give the glass shifting colors depending on the angle of view, causing an array of colors to be displayed. The fun thing about working with dichroic glass is that it is very unique and every piece of art made with this type of glass is one of a kind.


 I am inspired everyday by the beauty of the ocean and beaches and create art and jewelry that reflects that beauty.  My wish is for my art to give others happiness and joy.  Namaste!

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